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Submission of manuscripts

Participants at LED2023 are eligible to submit the work that they presented at the conference for publication in the Special Issue of Radiation Measurements or the Special Issue of Quaternary Geochronology that will be produced arising from the conference. These Special Issues continue a long tradition of publishing the exciting new work presented at these conferences.

All colleagues who presented their work at LED2023 have been allocated to either Quaternary Geochronology or to Radiation Measurements, based on the best fit with the topics covered by each journal. The list of allocations can be downloaded here.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts for consideration for these Special Issues is 15th November 2023 (23:59 CET), and all manuscripts must be submitted following the instructions for each journal: QG Guide LED2023 or RM Guide LED2023.

Normal refereeing standards will be applied, and as always, all material should be original and not already published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers should be no longer than 8 printed pages in the journal. To help authors assess the length of their submissions two templates, one for each journal, can be downloaded here: QG template conference proceedings LED2023 or RM template conference proceedings LED2023, so that you can see whether your paper would fit. Additional material should be included as Supplementary Information as normal. Please note that the template is only for assessing the length of your submission, and manuscripts should NOT be submitted on this template.

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts in due course. Email addresses are not provided on this webpage for antispam reasons. If you have any questions, then please let us know.

Geoff Duller (Guest Editor for Radiation Measurements) and Naomi Porat (Guest Editor for Quaternary Geochronology)

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