Mid-conference excursion and dinner

Half-day trip to Roskilde

Mid-conference excursion

28th June 2023
The mid-conference excursion is included in the registration fee. Wednesday afternoon (just before lunch) we travel by bus from Copenhagen to Roskilde (about 30 min ride), one of the oldest cities in Denmark and the Viking age capital. Here we first enjoy a guided tour of Roskilde Cathedral (‘Domkirke’), which is an impressive architectural gem that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sandwiches will be served during the bus ride. After the cathedral visit there is the possibility for a short individual sightseeing tour of Roskilde. Afterwards the bus takes us to the small peninsula “Risø” located just 6 km north of Roskilde. Here you may enjoy a guided tour of the luminescence laboratories of DTU Physics. After the laboratory visit there will be a small reception and a conference dinner at Risø. If you do not wish to attend the conference dinner (see below) we provide bus transportation back to Copenhagen before the start of the conference dinner. Those participating in the conference dinner will also be transported back to Copenhagen by bus.

Viking experience

28th June 2023
This optional activity will take place parallel to the guided tours of Roskilde cathedral and the Risø luminescence laboratories (see description of the “mid-conference excursion” above). It will include a guided visit to the Viking Ship Museum (https://www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/en/), which houses 5 original Viking ships excavated in Roskilde Fjord in the 1960s, as well as an approximately 1.5 hr sailing experience in Roskilde Fjord in reconstructed full-size Viking ships. Everyone on board takes part in rowing, setting the sail and other ‘sailor’s work’.
Detailed program

Conference dinner

28th June 2023
The optional conference dinner is held on Wednesday 28th June at the Risø Campus. A three-course dinner and drinks are included in the fee. Please be sure to state any dietary requirements/allergies when registering for this event. The venue for the next LED conference will be announced at the dinner.

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